Mar 14 - St. Patricks Better Ball @ Manada Golf Club

Mar 21 - The Hockey Winter Classic @ Dauphin Highlands

Apr 30 - U.S. Open Qualifier @ Country Club of York

Apr 4 - Drew Boyle Invitational @ Colonial Golf and Tennis Club

more. . .

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The Harrisburg District Golf Association

The Harrisburg District Golf Association (HDGA) invites all golf facilities – private, semi private, municipal or daily fee golf facilities within Dauphin, Cumberland, Franklin and Lebanon counties to join our association.  All golfers residing or maintaining a legitimate handicap with facilities located in these counties will be permitted to participate in HDGA sanctioned events.  It is anticipated that the HDGA will expand its membership offering into other central Pennsylvania counties in the near future.

The HDGA is responsible for directing Five major events:

•The Drew Boyle Invitational
•The Individual Championship
•The Senior Championship
•The Harrisburg Open
•The Harrisburg District Match Play

Potential future events would include:

• Junior Championship
• Best Ball Championship
• Mid-Am Championship

Annual dues for facilities will be only $100.00. Member facilities will:

  • Have voting rights to help further direct the future of the HDGA
  • Have use of the HDGA web site to promote club events
  • Have advertising opportunities at events and on The HDGA web site
  • Be considered for current and future HDGA events

As mentioned, only facilities located in Dauphin, Cumberland, Franklin and Lebanon counties can join the HDGA at this time as full members. We anticipate making the necessary by-law changes in the future to expand the association.  For facilities located outside of these counties, there are two options for participation:

 1.   Associate membership
This membership will cost $125.00. Voting rights will not be available however The HDGA will post your open events on our web site. Golfers from associate member facilities will be able to participate in HDGA sanctioned events however will pay a slightly higher entry fee.

 2.   Player participation
All HDGA sanctioned events are open to golfers residing within Dauphin, Cumberland, Franklin or Lebanon counties regardless of their facility’s membership status. Golfers maintaining memberships at facilities outside of these counties HOWEVER reside within the four county area would be welcome to participate but would also pay a slightly higher entrance fee for all HDGA sanctioned events.

More than likely, future expansion of The HDGA boundaries will include counties in which associate membership and golfer participation is the greatest.

If you have any questions please contact us via email at

HDGA Club Registration Form